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Adcenter Rockstars (Requested)


BlackHat Bing Extravaganza 3 Day Live Workshop & 5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop

5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
  • Day 1-Competative Intelligence
  • Day 2- Deployment(Secret Media Buying Strategies)
  • Day 3- Massive List Building Setup
  • Day 4-Optimizing & Scaling Strategies
  • Day 5- Q&A(we’ll take a 1 week break for you to implement and help with any questions)
5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
  • Fetish & Offer Selection-creating congruent funnels are key to get highest ROI possible
  • Competitive Intel-learn the quickest way to start a funnel…cut your time and effort in Half!! You won’t need to create anything on your own!!
  • Mobile Media Buying-Get the best traffic sources that your funnels will thrive on…get this wrong and kiss your ROI goodbye
  • Tracking Fundamentals-this is one of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing. Tracking on mobile is different than web based tracking…lack of this skill almost always ends up in failure!
5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
  • Optimizing & Scaling into multiple funnels and traffic sources….and how to take your mobile funnel to the web!!
  • Secret Golden Nugget traffic sources…how to get traffic from sites that no one else is monetizing
  • Banner Ad Creation-watch us crank out ads fast, without reinventing the wheel.
  • Landing Page Creation-create landing pages that prequalify your leads, gets you top payouts, and helps you build massive list
  • How to monetize the leads your collecting to absolutely CRUSH your Competition!!!
BlackHat Bing Extravaganza 3 Day Live Workshop
  • Bing Ads – How to do 10k/day A Day On Bing
  • We are going to share all of our inside Bing Ads secrets over a 3 day period. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get.
  • Adcenter Rockstar Campaign Setup – We show you exactly how you should setup a 5 figure/day Bing Ads Campaign. There’s a RIGHT WAY & WRONG way to do it.
  • Adcenter Rockstar Keyword Strategy – We’ll show you the specific 10k/day rockstar keyword strategy we use to bring in 5 figures a day on Bing.
  • Bing Cloaking 101 – The BIG boys cloak & go under the radar. We show you how to cloak without getting caught.
  • It’s All About The Ads – It’s all about the Ads. It takes an amazing ad to really bring in the dough. We show you how our inner Ad secrets that you NEED to do 5 figures A Day or more on Bing.
  • Step By Step Process On Getting Unlimited Accounts & More


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