Frank Kern Client Acquisition System

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Frank Kern Client Acquisition System

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Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System


Client Acquisition System

The Client Aquisition System is a five week online class specifically for consultants, coaches, and professional service providers. During this class, you’ll learn:
  • How to determine your ideal number of clients by reverse engineering your income targets and lifestyle goals.
  • Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have the perfect practice.
  • Your most valuable work that produces the most revenue.
  • Which prospects are likely to pay you the most …with the least resistance.
  • How to use Omnipresence to magnetically attract those prospects to you.
  • How to convert your ideal prospects into highly interested leads using the Low Hanging Fruit, Midlevel, and Cold Campaigns.
  • How to convert leads into clients using the collaborative close, interview-takeaway, and discovery day methods.


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