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Kenny Stevens Ricky Mataka Ads Architect

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Kenny Stevens & Ricky Mataka – Ads Architect

The Ads Architect Blueprint That Is


\'ads-arc-blue-logo-text\'     Ads Architect Beginner To Advanced Facebook Ads Blueprint Bonus: Slingly Academy Full Access Bonus: 7 Figure Tactical Conversion Secrets.     Ads Architect Advertising Program What if I gave you a exact Facebook Advertising Blueprint responsible for $80+ Million? This is your only chance to duplicate our proven ecommerce advertising strategy. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You Get everything mentioned on the training, along with live mentoring calls, case studies, plug n play resources and more!     \'222\'     \'Screen-Shot-2018-05-10-at-2.54.14-PM\'   ADS ARCHITECT COURSE OUTLINE Mapping Course Map Outline and Introduction Funnel Examples to Copy Systems, Tools & Reporting Marketing Strategy Basics: Physical Vs Digital Vs Lead Gen Being Compliant for Better Results Q1 to Q3 VS Q4 Split Concepts Learning Mode Creative Concepts… What’s Working Now Messaging Mechanics   Basics: Ad Account Setup Fanpage Setup Pixel Setup Brand Awareness Ads Reach Ads Engagement Ads Video Views Ads Creating Custom Audiences Intermediate: Creating Lookalike Audiences Traffic Ads Conversion Ads Catalog Sales Ads (DPA) Lead Generation Ads Messenger Ads Geo-Targeting Ads Advanced: Conversions VS Link Clicks & Optimizing Budgets Across Adsets Manual Bidding Basics in 2018 Placements Mobile Collection & Canvas Ads Mining: Cold Traffic & Interest Targeting Master Ad Stack Multiplication: The Good, Bad & Ugly Method CRUCIAL ASSETS!!! Budgeting Scale Scaling Back to Increase ROAS        


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