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Richard Johnson – HMA Consulting

\'ebay\' The HMA Consulting Training System (Richard Johnson) 16 DVD’s (each DVD broken into individual AVI chapters) 10 PDF Course Manuals 9 MP3’s (“Is the Marketing Consulting Business Right For You”) 7 Bonus PDF’s (“7 Steps To A Lot More Sales”) Richard Johnson, after attending a Jay Abraham seminar, decided to formulate his own “system” for consultancy – in his words, geared for the ordinary person, and stated that it’s been the foundation for his work and training of others. The materials presented are meant to guide people into becoming business marketing consultants, regardless of their former or current occupations, and to secure their own independent financial success.   PACKAGE CONTENTS: Pack #1 Live (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training DVD #1 Same title DVD #2 Same title DVD#3 Same title DVD#4 Same title DVD#5 Same title DVD#6 Pack #2 Group Training Power Point Introduction HMA Overview – Foundation, Results, & Impact of the HMA System DVD #1 How to Uncovering Your Unique Selling Proposition For a Lot More Sales! DVD#2 Integrating The USP For A Lot More Sales DVD#3Sales Training Sales Training Workshop DVD#4 Customer Relationship Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#5 Strategic Marketing Alliances For a Lot More Sales DVD#6 Custom Advertising For A Lot more Sales DVD#7 Community Relations For a Lot More Sales DVD#8 One-to-One Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#9 Internet Marketing For a Lot More Sales DVD#10 Pack #3 How To Get Your First Client Before Becoming An HMA Marketing Consultant CD#1 What You Get And Risk When You Say Yes To The HMA Consultating System CD#2 Consultants Case Study CD#3 Why Consider The HMA System Over Others Programs CD#4 Important Facts to Consider About The HMA Marketing Consulting System Part One CD#5 Same title Part 2 CD#6 An Advanced Study Of Market Demand For Marketing Consultants CD#7 Are You Tired Of Reading Restaurant Menu From Right to Left? CD#8 How I Got My First Paying Client As An HMA Marketing Consultant Six Case Studies CD#9 Booklets – 7 Steps to a Lot More Sales Step One – 35 Pages – Uncover Your Unique Selling Proposition For a Lot More Sales Step Two – 16 Pages – Integrating the USP For a Lot More Sales Step Three – 26 Pages – Database Marketing For a Lot More Sales Step Four – 16 Pages – Strategic Marketing Alliances Step Five – 36 Pages – Custom Advertising Step Six – 14 Pages – Community Relations/PR For a Lot More Sales Step Seven – 41 Pages – One-to-One Direct Marketing For a Lot More Sales Bonus Step – 16 Pages – Internet Marketing – Is Your Website Making Enough Sales? 3-Ring Binders – 21st Century Marketing System Volume One – 43 Pages – Foundation Volume Two – Estimated 200 Pages – How to Successfully Grow Your Consulting Practice Volume Three – 57 Pages – Determine a Business USP Volume Four – Estimated 150 Pages – Leverging Current Marketing For Increased Revenue and Profits Volume Five – Increasing Revenue and Profits by Repeat Purchases Volume Six – 134 Pages – Marketing Alliances Volume Seven – 51 Pages – Alliance Marketing Volume Eight – 23 Pages – Community Marketing Volume Nine – 92 Pages – Direct Marketing Volume Ten – Estimate 350 Pages – Internet Marketing New, Just Added! Extra Pages – 56 Pages – Pillar #8 – Internet Marketing – Can All My Business Done Off Line be Done On Line? NOTE: UNANNOUNCED BONUS MP3 (RIP) — Richard Johnson – 3 Day Event – Marketing Consultant Certification    


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