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Ryan Rodden – Rock N’ Roll Rich Snippets


Rock N’ Roll Rich Snippets

The Ultimate Structured Data Tune Up



The ultimate roadmap to structured data, rich snippets, and schema.org.

Class Curriculum


Updates, New Features, & Tips June 27 – New Job Search Structured Data Results & Google Biz Post in Knowledge Graph (5:21)

Introduction Let’s Rock (20:07) Understanding the Knowledge Graph (7:30) Google Trends Exercise (8:45)

Schema.org Introduction

   Navigating the Dreaded Schema.org (2:44) The Full Hierarchy (14:24) Schema.org Extensions – What Are They? (7:25) Schema.org – Understanding Properties – Very Important! (10:21) Schema.org – Understanding “Expected Type” – Also Very Important! (9:12) Types of Code Used to Create Structured Data (11:24) Google Structured Data Guidelines (7:27)

Building JSON-LD Code Let’s Build Some Code with JSON-LD (11:05) Building JSON-LD Continued (15:10) How to Use JSON-LD Brackets (9:51) JSON-LD – Common Errors That’ll Drive Ya Nuts (11:32) How to Perform a Knowledge Graph API Lookup (11:43) Let’s Take a Look at WikiData (8:15) MusicBrainz – Another Semantic Example (2:01) Interesting & Unique Properties (13:41)

LocalBusiness Walkthrough LocalBusiness JSON-LD Code (7:07) Adding LocalBusiness Markup to Your Site (13:31) Let’s Code – OpeningHours (8:15) Let’s Code – ContactPoint (8:34) Where the Action Happens (8:28) Marking Up Multiple Departments (3:21) How Do I Mark Up a LocalBusiness with Multiple Locations? (17:18) Weird & Possibly Outdated Search Console Errors (2:39)

Recipe Walkthrough Recipe Guidelines (11:56) Recipe Code Build (14:03) Recipe Results in SERPs (2:16) Recipe Results with Image Over Time (0:51)

Event Walkthrough Examples, Guidelines, and Walkthrough (7:45) Creating Your Event Code (11:12) Example Results in Google (1:04) Example Results in Google – Refreshing Dates (0:49)

Products Product Guidelines (16:33) Let’s Code – Building a Product (11:52) Product SERP Results (1:35) April 10th Product Snippets Image Announcement (3:02)

Articles Article Guidelines (12:23) Building the Article Markup (9:07)

Pushing the Boundaries The Way I Think About Structured Data (10:09) “Hybrid Mutant” Schema (7:41) Imposter! (4:35)

Encore – Tips & Bonuses Crunchbase Semantic Associations (4:31) How to Get a DF Link from Metallica.com (1:17) Recommended Resources (2:38) WordPress Security Tips (14:25)

    Link Redirect Trace Plugin (2:39) Google Structured Data Partner Only Features (3:12) Google Patent Reading Tips (3:50) The Pity Link Method (4:17) Social Media Tools – Copromote & Quuu (4:09)

Final Bow Is 90% of Available Schema.org Currently Useless? (11:49) The Final Secret – How to Get a DF Link from the Home Page of Wikipedia (3:47)


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