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Thomas Delello Order Flow Edge Extreme Edge

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Thomas DeLello – Order Flow Edge – Extreme Edge

Truly unique perspective on the market!

We don’t just trade…

we trade with an edge!


  At OrderFlowEdge our mission is to  coach traders of all experience levels on how to utilize our proprietary Order Flow tools and strategies in order to trade in the markets with a consistent edge. We  train traders on how to understand and measure the driving force of the market….the  ORDER FLOW. It’s this real time Supply & Demand, caused by all the buyers and sellers coming into the market, that actually causes price to move. Once you understand how to measure the Order Flow imbalances that occur in key areas of the market  you start trading with an edge! We teach traders from all around the world and all levels of experience,  from beginner to seasoned pro,  how to understand and trade using supply and demand, order flow, and auction market principles. Learn how to distinguish between  opportunity and  random noise. Learn how the smart money trades and what levels are important to them. The main markets we trade include: the S&P e -mini futures and Forex spot currencies as well as Oil, Metal, Bond, and T-note futures. Through OrderFlowEdge.com you can access our simple, but comprehensive, Supply & Demand based education, trading strategies and unique professional confidence. After learning our methodology you can be trading any market confidently knowing you have The Order Flow Edge.  

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